The Telecom sector has taken wings during the past decade. The growing prevalence of handphones and the increasing penetration of various types of communication technologies give us a world that is more connected and more aware. Telecom is a sector that is now facing increasing competition from a multitude of providers competing for a global market and one where quick and efficient service is key to retaining customers. Be it entertainment, consumer redressal or data digitization, it is only a seasoned provider that can truly cater to the Telecom industry’s rapidly changing business requirements. The emergence of mobile computing platforms gives another opportunity to Telecom companies to woo the market through interactive applications for entertainment, learning and business needs. As these companies maneuver to cater to the rapidly changing demands of the market, their core processes also need an agility which supports their functioning and does not hamstring them just when they need to make a quick move.

Paradigm IT companies provide a range of services which are tailored to help telecom companies compete more efficiently in this market. With built processes to manage consumer redressals, data digitization to increase efficiency and voice support wherever required, Telecom companies are increasingly begin to prefer partners like eGramIT, eCentric, Paradigm Infotech and Paradigm Creatives to support them in the implementation of their core functions. Catering to functions such as Customer Application Form (CAF) collection, storage and auditing, our companies offer the Telecom sector solutions to the most critical of their services.