Human consumption has gone up exponentially. As the demand for goods and commodities increases there is increasing pressure on the retail sector to cater to this demand quickly. Cut throat competition in this sector forces companies to economize and make efficient every process in order to retain their consumer base. Couple this with factors such as high operating expenses and a call from investors of higher returns per square footage and one can understand the pressure upon retailers globally. Technology is instrumental in helping retailers reduce costs and optimize their capital invested.

Although retailers have been using technology in some form or the other for a while, it is those who invest in optimizing the consumer experience in many ways who climb the next rung of profitability and growth. Retail technology plays a big hand in ensuring this. By helping retailers optimize their inventories more accurately, replenish supplies timely and giving them the ability to analyze their selling patterns in order to identify and sell the right products at the right price technology interventions in retail would add greater value to the consumer and contribute significantly to bottomlines. For companies looking to grow, retail technology offers them a chance to increase their return on capital and help them grow by diversifying their product line based upon data which is collected through selling patterns.

Paradigm IT companies offer retailers a multitude of solutions. The Supply Chain Management system helps companies manage their inventories better and helps forecast what product needs to be placed where. Coupled with strong insights through reports, it helps companies take swift decisions in order to increase profitability. The RFID tagging tools are also an important aspect of the entire retail solutions which help companies track the journey of their products and supports accurate accounting.