The Life sciences and healthcare industry has expanded rapidly in the past few years. The global growth in the reach and impact of improved healthcare and pharma services has largely been a result of the large scale manufacturing and research performed by industry proponents.

Considering that health and well being are such a crucial part of our lives, it can safely be assumed that the contribution of healthcare industry to economies all over the globe is quite significant. In such a scenario, life sciences and pharma companies need to not only be at the cutting edge of technology but have robust processes which help serve their mission by improving drug manufacturing and streamlining research and data management. With increasing global competition and the growing call from health care companies to offer their services at prices the common man can afford, efficient processes become integral to the overall delivery of their product.

Paradigm IT companies offer specialized IT services to bio-pharma and healthcare companies. eCentric Solutions and Paradigm Infotech are partnered with some of the leading Clinical Data Management companies and have developed expertise in the customization and successful implementation of these products as per client requirements. eGramIT has been providing patient management solutions through the implementation of voice support processes and patient tracking. These interventions and services which have been created have resulted in greater process efficiency in the life sciences industry and in providing more responsive healthcare.