One thing we cannot live without is entertainment. The need to be entertained with information and events that arouse our interest has spawned an industry that has been evolving through the millennia. Today, there are a multitude of tools which are used to cater to a global audience and this is a field which keeps evolving as different cultures and genres meet.

The latest addition to entertainment media are smartphones. Backed by a strong computing platform and dependent on the internet to host content, these powerful new devices have opened up an entirely new medium with virtually unlimited uses. Applications which allow you to perform thousands of actions which entertain, educate, improve your productivity and le you stay on touch with people around the world have truly revolutionized lifestyles. With concepts like social gaming, interactive applications, video streaming, internet radio and file sharing making entertaining media go viral in a matter of days, it is little wonder that industries as diverse as FMCG and education have been developing apps to entertain users thus indirectly increasing their reach and promoting their brand.

Paradigm IT’s Paradigm Creatives is developing interactive applications for several industries. Their strong storywriting and technological capability helps them build applications based around popular themes and stories. Along with this they are developing animated movies and other entertainment services around this platform for several industries who are looking to harness this platform’s incredible reach.