It is only through education that mankind has managed to reach its current stature. None of the advances and inventions whose benefits we now enjoy would have been possible if we could not spread the light of education to people. As newer opportunities make themselves available to students it becomes essential for educational institutions to leverage the technologies which are present and being developed to provide their students a holistic learning experience as well as to reach out to them through different platforms.

Technology has revolutionized how other sectors and industries function but the field of education is one which has not fully utilized this to help students. Not only does the usage of technology help students in their career and arm them with skills essential for success in this day and age but it also gives educational institutions a competitive advantage over their other institutions and helps them attract the best of talent to their campuses. Another area of concern for organizations is to keep the knowledge possessed by their employees fresh and constantly update them with what is happening in their field so that they stay abreast ad perform to the best of their abilities. This investment in facilitating learning for theor employees helps organizations maintain a competitive edge through a well versed and knowledgeable workforce.

Paradigm IT companies provide a comprehensive set of solutions for the education sector. Paradigm Creatives provides education ad other institutions with e-learning software and hardware which helps them take the learning online. Through the usage of multimedia tools and web 2.0 technologies, it enables students to learn in an interactive environment. They also provide educational applications for mobile computing platforms like Android, Apple OS, IPad, Blackberry and Windows 7. eGramIT helps institutions in rural areas by providing them with infrastructure to improve computer literacy among students. They have been closely working with several Governments institutions to provide these services and have recently initiated RFID tagging of library books.