Among the biggest challenges any organization faces is how to monitor and manage their workforce. Typically, labor represents between 30-60% of operating costs and is something which tends to keep increasing. Skilled employees are vital to a company’s performance and they are hard to find or retain. Couple this with rapidly changing requirements which require immediate action relating to moving around workforce and organizations of any size will face trouble. As organizations are increasingly pressured to do what they can with whatever resource they have at hand, it becomes imperative that they find a solution to not only monitor their workforce but understand ow their workforce is performing and how they can be used to increase productivity. It is at such times that a Workforce Management Tool adds immense value.

With the ability to give the management a detailed insight into what employees are doing and how much time they are spending on tasks as well as managing HR processes like payroll and benefits, they offer a simple yet powerful solution to any organization’s workforce issues. Having partnered with the internationally recognized workforce management company, Kronos, Paradigm IT’s companies have worked on implementing cutting edge solutions for several Fortune 500 companies. This expertise in this crucial field has helped their clients save millions and have boosted their performance to newer highs. The recruitment support services offered by eGramIT also help organizations reduce costs and save time.