A major component of running a business is interaction. Be it internally within the company or externally with the consumer, it is difficult to alienate this fundamental means of communication from the business function. Considering the important nature of this function, companies spend a lot of resource on ensuring that their communication needs are met. But as markets and consumer bases expand, organizations are increasingly pressed for a cost effective solution to manage some of these processes. This is where the voice support function offered by the Paradigm IT companies steps in.

With experience in both inbound and outbound voice functions eGramIT offers a comprehensive set of solutions to clients. The stringent adherence to quality standards and set practices, they ensure that the voice support offered by their associates match the international standard of their clients. By performing this service as part of the core function of the clients business or as a support function they help organizations reap a profitable harvest through freed resource and business process flexibility. The complete set of voice services includes customer support, directory services and troubleshooting for inbound calls and consumer satisfaction and service improvement feedback for outbound calls. By performing these critical services we take off our clients’ minds the worry of customer voice-based communication.