Business functions on the simple concept of supply and demand. Whatever is in demand by the consuming public must be supplied in order to make a profit, or demand must be generated in some way in order to supply the goods. In order to be in a position to take advantage of the rapidly changing demand and supply scenarios in the world, what companies need is proper co-ordination between their various departments in order to satisfy their consumer. As the demand for quick turnaround increases, companies are forced to anticipate when there could be a demand for their product and where. Considering that such an important aspect of business cannot be left to chance, the Supply Chain Management system has been developed.

A good SCM ensures proper coordination between the various arms of the business so that they can rapidly move to capitalize on a situation. In order to ensure this coordination, there needs to be knowledge of the current levels of inventory in various locations and the state of the supply chain. As companies go global and invest in logistics that are far from their country of origin but offer attractive economies, the need for a system to link the inventories and track the status of orders becomes urgent.

Paradigm Infotech, eGramIT and eCentric have been instrumental in helping several companies to get a supply chain management system that fulfill their requirements. With intricate knowledge of how the supply chain process functions and in depth understanding of the kind of challenges organizations face in their quest to improve their performance and become more efficient, they have created cost effective yet seamless Supply Chain Management Systems for some of the leading manufacturers of our times. The RFID tools and implementations developed also help this sector to track products and materials at various stages in production.