As technology improves in leaps and bounds, objects that once served just one primary purpose have now become revolutionary devices with multiple functions. A classic case in point is the smartphone. Derived from the concept of a fixed line telephone which could only facilitate voice calls, the smartphone now offers users the ability to connect through multiple mediums: traditional calling, messaging and internet enabled services. With the increasing reach of the internet people across the world are now investing in smartphones which help them connect on the go and improve their productivity. The various platforms smartphones use to facilitate this connectivity, like Android, Apple, Nokia based phones have provided a whole new means to communicate and entertain. The burgeoning applications market is just one such way in which companies can reach out to their target audience.

With the capability to work on all these platforms, Paradigm Creatives, the entertainment and mobile computing arm of the Paradigm IT group, offers cutting edge services to companies looking to harness these platforms. As devices like the iPad and the next generation of 4G enabled smartphones hit the market, the points of connect with consumers will only increase and it becomes crucial for companies to be ready to tap into this new mode of communication.