Geographic Information Systems are an emerging field helping governments and companies involved in surveying and land mapping. The objective of GIS consulting is to help these organizations who depend on natural features of the planet like land and weather to make more informed decision. Traditional means of surveying an topographical mapping leave a lot more to be done in this day and age as the data which is collected then needs to be digitized and presented in a format that is readily accessible to others who need to use this information. Earlier, data would be collected and stored and if ever it needed to be analyzed and compared from one period of time to another, it would be a time consuming process.

With the advent of GIS, this has become a much more simplified task. By creating tools and resources which aid the overall process of surveying topographies and collecting accurate spatial and attribute data, eCentric and eGramIT perform the traditional job with the modern uses it is put to in mind.

The end result of GIS consulting is that policy decisions which such a major exercise generally entails can be taken with greater confidence drawn from accurate data.