The primary mode of education has always been through schools and such establishments. As the reach of technology and our dependence on it increases, it makes sense to assume that the concept of education must also use these innovations in order to spread the light of knowledge far and wide. The concept of e-learning thus evolved to leverage the technological prowess we have acquired in the past two decades. The usage of computers and internet enabled tools in classrooms increases the exposure of students to global trends and practices and provides an open window to collaborate. E-learning systems function by providing teachers and students with learning management systems and content creation systems which provide users with a complete system so that they can gauge their skills and develop their competencies.

Paradigm Creatives provides educational and corporate institutions with end to end e-learning solutions. The e-learning software systems developed by them make it easy for trainers, teachers, educators and learning development managers to create courses keeping in mind various needs of their students. With interactive tools and a customizable interface, these e-leaning software solutions give students a holistic learning experience