The field of medicine is one of critical importance and the major breakthroughs are due to the success achieved in clinical trials. The volume of data which is created and a rapid response which classifies and analyzes them is of utmost importance in the healthcare and life sciences industry as market and budget pressures increase. With this in mind, the healthcare industry needs technologies which are flexible, reliable and cater to their requirements in the minutest of details. With technologies such as Electronic Data Capture (EDC) and Clinical Data Management Systems (CDMS), clinical trials are now being performed with greater accuracy and efficiency.

The EDC and CDMS provided by Paradigm Infotech and eCentric typically consist of tools which help manage the data generated during the clinical trial more efficiently. The EDC works by providing a graphical interface to enter the trial data, validation and security components to check it and an analysis component that analyzes the data and presents it in a required format. It provides automated support for data collection, reporting, query resolution, randomization, and validation, among other features, for clinical trials. The CDMS works in a similar fashion allowing automation and greater accuracy during the trial through various safety features like double entry systems and verification dictionaries. These systems allow client companies to keep the cost of the trials low by reducing errors, facilitating accurate reporting and thus overall helping reduce the time to market.