Knowledge Management is one of the cornerstones of good management. Easy and ready access to the right information at the right time is one of the most effective ways to ensure speed of delivery for the business. In this day and age of multiple formats and formatting protocols, it does get difficult to effectively manage documents. Images, text, videos and other forms of media which are being used to share information are rapidly inundating inboxes and servers and the sheer volume of information often makes it hard to sift through. In order to help organizations overcome this hurdle and properly manage documents in both text and non-text formats Paradigm IT offers comprehensive data management solutions.

Being an area of critical importance to organizations, the Document Management practice at eGramIT manages data digitization and formatting of documents along with indexing and digitization of text as well as non text document. This helps streamline the flow of information in the organization and saves valuable man hours while expediting the process of decision making. It also saves valuable man hours which would otherwise be spent either searching for this information or in manually entering this data onto a digital platform.