Although a variety of activities are now performed online, the traditional way of recording and collecting information is still to do so manually and then collate these records before digitizing them. This tedious is replicated over and over again for different business functions resulting in millions of data fields which require to be digitized so that the business can put this information to optimum use. With data now requiring to be updated in real time and the cut throat competition requiring a quick turnaround, the challenge increases. In such a scenario it is quite simpler to outsource such a function to an organization whose expertise lies in performing this task.

Having worked for years on digitizing data for organizations from across the globe, eGramIT and eCentric are experts in this field. With deployment ready processes they ensure that the client data is digitized as quickly as possible. The benefit of outsourcing such a process is mainly reduction in time and effort expended in performing an action which does not justify such an expense of resource. eGramIt and eCentric’s experience in validating claims and creating recruitment databases for companies running into millions of fields and delivering to tight deadlines has made them frontrunners in this process.