Biometric and RFID technologies are some of the fastest growing identification and tracking methods. RFID [Radio Frequency Identification] is a radio based technology that enables the tagging and identification of objects using wireless transmitters. Biometrics technology is used to distinguish between people using intrinsic physical or behavioral traits. It considers parameters such as fingerprint reading, retina scanning and other such human physical attributes to classify and register people. The impact of these technical advantages is huge in every industry they are applied in. from making the process of retail tagging better through RFID to enabling secure access to areas through biometric identification.

These technologies are being implemented by eCentric and eGramIT in several fields. eGramIT helps school libraries manage their books by tagging them using RFID technologies. Further applications of these are virtually limitless as they help companies manage inventory, track orders and create a complete system to manage the various items and products they possess. Biometric identification is being rapidly implemented in countries across the globe. With this technology, identification, classification and access to sensitive areas/data becomes much more easy. The mammoth National Identity Card project being implemented by the Government of India will involve registering the Indian populace through biometrics, creating a database of the entire population and then issuing a multipurpose identity card for over 1.25 billion people. eCentric has been empanelled for this project and would, with eGramIT’s support, be undertaking this task.