Several mission critical non-voice services for companies can often become choking points in their growth. Processes like data management, research, web support services, cab routing and translation services among others form a critical part of day to day business activities and neglect or inefficiency in their implementation can cost a business dearly.

Paradigm IT’s eGramIT provides the full spectrum of non voice services to their clients. As the volume of data generated by companies grows, it becomes essential to manage it well. Offering complete data digitization, document indexing, image management and digitization of other media as services, we help companies have access to formatted data, when they need it. Besides this, our translation services help organizations with global plans to translate important information in order to back up their international offices.

As companies grow, the range of their services also increasingly involves their own employees. Facilities like cab routing and recruitment management become large tasks as the workforce increases. Through complete cab routing services we ensure that the manpower of the company, their greatest asset, is not delayed due to logistic or communication setbacks. Through these services, our companies help organizations perform all aspects of their core and non-core business better.