Paradigm IT companies provide a range of high end services to Governments and organizations needing help in critical areas. Through our expertise in emerging technologies like Geographic Information Systems, Biometrics and RFID we help Governments and large organizations meet their high end needs. Our strengths in the banking and insurance sector enable us to deal with highly sensitive data for some of the biggest financial institutions globally.

The GIS services help governments and large organizations map large areas for their needs. This system helps them understand geographic and climatic factors thus enabling decisions which can impact millions. With increasing population for governments and competition for companies, the knowledge of how to optimally utilize their geography requires such inputs. Biometrics and RFID is one field with increasing application in several fields. Through biometrics organizations are able to improve security through identification of unique human traits such as fingerprints and retina scanning and RFID is an open field with diverse applications in diverse industries.

Besides this, our services to the banking sector include offerings such as accounts management, vendor payables, receivables and reconciliations ensuring organizations get this critical data inputted and managed by qualified experts. Our technical interventions in the emergency medical response field through our pioneering Patient Management System helps emergency teams to reach out to patients and follow up with them. Having implemented this service with state Governments in India, our expertise in this field has brought in a lot of positive impact for patients.

Among the Paradigm IT companies, eGramIT and eCentric offer these mission critical services to industry verticals across the world.