Paradigm IT companies provide comprehensive voice based services to fulfill the needs of all business organizations. With experience in both inbound and outbound calling, we offer a gamut of services and cater to a variety of Industries. As organizations go global, industries such as telecom and the services sector where voice based support s extremely important turn to us for our reliable services. With the ability to develop an end to end BPO solution for organizations we add value to companies by helping them perform better.

Service sectors like telecom, Government agencies and other industry verticals need to support their consumers as part of their service offering. With our inbound calling interventions in providing them with customer service executives to respond to consumer queries, we bring a knowledgeable workforce experienced in managing and correctly responding to consumer in order to provide the best service. Services like employee help desk management and support help companies improve the efficiency of their workforce while incurring fewer HR related and setup costs. Technical support queries and welcome calls which are essential aspects of a business can also be managed by our team. Paradigm IT companies like eGramIT have a wealth of experience in dealing with customer support, directory assistance and customer troubleshooting.

Another aspect of our voice services is providing outbound calls to industries such as insurance, banking, telecom and others. By providing services like CAF digitization and verification to the telecom industry to validating claims, our clients have achieved remarkable returns and efficiency in their processes. Also, eGramIT’s proficiency in providing complete HR solutions for companies by managing their recruitment process until the final interview helps companies save time, costs and make better decisions. Organizations also entrust their collections and sales functions to us regarding the expertise we have in these fields. For companies like telecom and for services which rely solely on voice our strong team provides best in class services.