New media is a broad term which defines the cutting edge of technological advancement in the multimedia and entertainment industries. If we were to take the example of today, new media would be the internet and all the wonderful innovations it is causing. With the internet, as connectivity increases, the means and mediums of collaboration also increase. So if a decade ago if the internet allowed only emails, today it allows you the option of sharing data seamlessly, live streaming videos, social collaboration, real time updates and innovations using different devices like television, cellphones and even houses to make them smarter and more connected. Considering the diverse nature of these media, it is difficult for companies who wish to use these for specific purposes to fully understand how they would benefit from them. This is where we come in.

Paradigm IT offers companies comprehensive solutions which help them understand new media and use them in a way that benefits them. So if your product is a cooking service perhaps we could help you create an application which would help users quickly download recipes based upon the ingredients they already possess. If your objective is to reach out to a 15-20 year audience of girls and interact with them in a way that they wouldn’t find intrusive but helpful, we could create a movie around the same and seed it to go viral.

The true power of this medium is to increase collaboration between the user and the service provider and we help achieve that.