From Prince of Persia to Need for Speed, gaming was always considered the domain of those who refused to get out of childhood. But now, as the internet penetration increases and newer concepts spring up, concepts like social gaming and mobile gaming are taking ground. With over half the world now gaining access to the internet it is safe to assume that gaming will endure and that there will be continued active participation from users. The latest on the block are gaming solutions for smartphones, the market for which is already in the billions of dollars. As the usage of smartphones becomes more common place and their acceptance rapidly turning into a necessity, developers are finding newer ways to reach out to the audience of smartphone users with products and applications that aid them. A major use these phones are being put to is to play games. Games which help users pass their time as they wait for something or for those hardcore gamers or for those into community driven games like Farmville, have now gone mainstream. This aspect of mobile computing is being used increasingly by companies who want to reach out to their audience in a fun way while communicating about their product. While traditional ad spends mandate regular means of communication, gaming is slowly evolving as a simple yet effective way to reach out to users and build brand awareness of the product through an interactive platform.

Paradigm IT offers companies looking to tap into this trend quickly. The story writing and game development abilities of Paradigm Creatives ensure that an interactive virtual environment is created which helps communicate the message of your brand through a user focused application.